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What is a provided with a Showcase?

Personalised Interface

An immersive 3D Showcase will be provided with all your contact details embeded. The Showcase can be shared on your website and across your social media platforms. The Showcases can be viewed on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. If you have a VR headset, you can view the Showcase using VR too.

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Personalised for your business

Contact Name, Number and Email Address

Direct Link to your Website

3D Showcase

The Immersive 3D experience, viewable from a 'Dolls House' perspective, a 'Floorplan' Birdseye style view, or 'Internal' Google Street View style. The choice is yours.

4K Digital Stills & 360 Shots

We will also provide you with 4K Digital stills taken from the 3D Showcase. We can take unlimited shots, from multiple angles post shoot. We can also provide 360 Shots which look great on Social Media.


We can also provide highly accurate floorplans. These can be created directly from the Showcase once we have completed the scan and render.


The accuracy of the floor plans are between 98%-99%.

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